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Traditional balsamic vinegar

“La Cà dal Nôn” in the dialect of Modena means “the house of the grandfather” and this name was not given by chance: in the timeless courtyard of the big house in Vignola, the art of Traditional Balsamic Vinegar has been handed on from generation to generation since many decades.
Traditional balsamic is an ancient product, whose origins are lost in the mist of time. It’s a vinegar unique in the world, obtained with cooked grape must as only ingredient

Welcome at La Cà dal Non!

Mariangela, Giovanna, Vittorio e Michele are looking forward to meeting you in Vignola to let you into the fascinating history of traditional balsamic vinegar.
A walk in the loft to take in the scent of the ancient barrels will introduce you to the charm of a unique vinegar

The “acetaia” The “vinegar loft”

La Cà dal Non vinegar barrels are treasured in the lofts of the great grandfather Alfonso’s ancient house in Vignola, a medieval village half way between Modena and Bologna.
It was indeed the great grandfather Alfonso, to whom the house is dedicated, who started the first series of barrels for traditional balsamic in the family…

… and the vineyards

Our vineyards are on the gentle hills of Savignano sul Panaro, a few minutes far from the acetaia in Vignola.
Here we grow, organically, the typical grapes for the production of traditional balsamic: trebbiano, lambrusco and pignoletto…

Balsamico Cooking



Works of art,
made only with grapes


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