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Balsamico Tour

You are welcome at La Cà dal non

Mariangela, Giovanna, Vittorio and Michele are looking forward to meeting you to let you into the fascinating history of traditional balsamic.

A walk in the scent of the ancient lofts to live a unique experience…

Do you want to know more about the history of traditional balsamic? How do we produce it? Do you want to discover why “cooke grape must” makes a difference in fragrance and taste? Are you curious about how to use a vinegar in your kitchen?



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We are happy to welcome you for a tour of the acetaia and tasting of our products! RESERVATION IS ALWAYS REQUIRED.
To book your tour please fill in the form. We will answer you with all your Balsamico tour details.
For last minute booking please call us on ph: +39 059 761671

* Italian and English tour are always possible, French and German are to be confirmed.

Booking is confirmed only upon reception of written confirmation message stating day and time of the tour.

    Give us a call!!! +39 059 761771

    Do you love balsamic and you can’t visit us?
    Are you a restaurant, a wine bar, a cocktail bar, a gourmet group?

    We can organize guided tastings and traditional balsamic presentation at your place!

    Do you want to live other balsamic experiences?
    Simulate a tasting session?
    Do you want to know more about how to use our products in your kitchen?

    Contact us to know more!

    Balsamico Tour

    Balsamico Cooking



    Works of art,
    made only with grapes