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Saba & Balsamosaba®

The flower logo identifies SABA and BALSAMOSABA® line, our sweet and sour vinegar condiments made with our organic cooked grape juice.

The flower logo belongs to the family since the 60s. It was first used by the grandfather Franco when he dealt with fruits in the 60s. The flower logo has been designed by the famous modenese architect and designer Cesare Leonardi. Some of his pieces belong to the permanent collections of the biggest modern art museums in the world – Check his story and his works on
The BALSAMOSABA® line is an original creation coming from an original family recipe

The sweet essence
of cooked grape must

– to sweeten con brio –

The bright and fruity acidity
of the cooked grape must

– to season, marinate and enhance the flavors –

Sweet with a mild
note of acidity

– to season –

Sweet&Sour with
a woody nuance

– to season and to cook –

Sweet&Sour in a
perfect balance

– the perfect finish –

To play in your kitchen
with all our flavours!