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Farming 4.0.

La Cà dal Non works daily on three main pillars: a constant call to tradition and to the family history, a deep respect for the environment and the desire to develop tradition so to keep it alive.

"Tradition = Innovation
in continuity with our history"

An old history and tradition made new every day thanks to children and grand-children

Starting with the great grandparents Alfonso and Rita and then the grandparents Franco e Demetria and today with Vittorio, Giovanna and their children Mariangela, Michele and the grandchildren Giacomo, Angelina, Filippo, Carolina, Michael, Lukas and Bartolomeo… that’s La Cà dal Non!”

CARE OF THE VINEYARD: systems designed, built and managed with GPS technology; use of sprayers with electrostatic and low volume recovery technologies; use of emergency irrigation technologies with low water consumption

4.0 Technology

The equipment we use to process the grape and to cook the must have been designed following our specifications and certified according to the standards of Industry 4.0. This allows us to control the quality at each stage of the production process.


The entire production chain of our alcoholic drink “Sono – Just For Friends” is tracked via blockchain technology. From grape harvesting to your table, the new digital label accompanies our customers in the discovery of all the phases of the product development.


Talking about automation in relation to the production of Traditional Balsamic Vinegar of Modena seems like an oxymoron; but the complex challenges of climate change and sustainability need adequate technological support to allow tradition to remain alive in the present.

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Works of art,
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