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The sweet essence of cooked grape must – To sweeten con brio

The origin of Saba is lost in the mists of time: saba has been for centuries the sugar of our ancestors, already in the ancient Roman times it was used and appreciated.
Scholars think that the tradition of making saba also gave rise to the traditional balsamic.
For our saba we select from our vineyards the grapes with the highest sugar content, we press them softly and cook the must in open-vessel boilers on direct fire for long hours, until it is reduced by well over half its initial volume, resulting in a syrupy liquid, sweet and fruity with a clean finish.

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Ingredient: cooked grape must
Colour: amber
Perfume: sweet and fruity
Taste: Distinctly fruity taste, clean with a fresh finishing note.
Despite the long cooking and the intense sweetness, saba keeps the slight acidity of the grape, leaving a clean finish. The syrupiness is velvety and pleasant.

In the kitchen

As sweetener, drizzle it on yoghurt or ice cream, on ricotta or on fresh cheeses instead of honey. To bake cakes and biscuits instead of sugar.
For sweet and sour preparations of both meat and vegetables. As a cocktail syrup.


BALSAMOSABA® zero – 250ml
Peso bottiglia singola: 0,65 kg ca
N. bottiglie per cartone: 12
Peso Cartone: 8,06 kg ca
Dimensione indicativa cartone in cm (LxPxH): 29 x 21,5 x 21,5
N. cartoni per piano pallet 1200×800: 14

BALSAMOSABA® zero – 500ml
Peso bottiglia singola: 1,22 kg ca
N. bottiglie per cartone: 6
Peso Cartone: 7,60 kg ca
Dimensione indicativa cartone in cm (LxPxH): 18 x 27,0 x 21,5
N. cartoni per piano pallet 1200×800: 19