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Traditional Balsamic Vinegar of Modena PDO Franco, Aged for a Minimum of 12 Years

The mulberry

This Traditional Balsamic is dedicated to the grandfather Franco.
Franco, the vinegar, comes from the last series of barrels started together with Franco , the grandfather.
The barrels of cherry and mulberry in which the product matures, give this vinegar a unique and delicate flavor with a slight hint of berry fruit.

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Ingredient: cooked grape must
Colour: shiny dark brown
Perfume: intense and delicate with a fruity nuance, persistent and clean
Taste: Flowing syrupy density and full-body. Complex aromatic bouquet with fruity shades of mulberry. Lively acidity, persistent and well balanced.

In the kitchen

Whenever a fruity note is needed on your dishes: on a fennel and orange salad with crunchy almonds, on ripe figs for an unusual dessert, on grilled pear croutons with parmesan flakes.
Franco, for his fruity bouquet, can also accompany fruit salads and ice cream cream.


Peso bottiglia singola: 0,6 kg ca
N. bottiglie per cartone: 6
Peso Cartone: 3,9 kg ca
Dimensione indicativa cartone in cm (LxPxH): 24 x 26 x 20
N. cartoni per piano pallet 1200×800: 15