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The vinegar lofts

La Cà dal Non vinegar barrels are treasured in the lofts of the great grandfather Alfonso’s ancient house in Vignola, a medieval village half way between Modena and Bologna.
The great grand father casks, our centuries old trebbiano vines – named in the family, the two old ladies – the room where we cook the grape must, the old cooper tools collection and Mariangela’s culinary suggestions… this is La Cà dal Non!

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Un' antica batteria del bisnonno
La grande corte della Cà dal Non
I solai di invecchiamento del balsamico tradizionale
Antichi attrezzi per costruire le botticelle
Le nostre vecchie signore, due piedi di vite ultracentenari
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The vineyards

Our are on the gentle hills of Savignano sul Panaro, a few minutes far from the acetaia in Vignola. Here we grow, organically, the typical grapes for the production of traditional balsamic: trebbiano, lambrusco and pignoletto. In autumn, you will find us busy in harvesting, pressing and cooking the grape must. From the vineyard you can enjoy a beautiful view of the city of Vignola, Monte Cimone and, when the sky is clear, the view runs to the Venetian Pre-Alps. The vineyard is a short walk from the medieval village of Savignano sul Panaro, a small corner of the Middle Ages little known and perfectly preserved.
The vineyard during the grape harvest
The grape harvest
The vineyard during the grape harvest
The vineyard during the grape harvest
The vineyard during the grape harvest
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