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Sweet&Sour in a perfect balance – the perfect finish

Vinegar condiment aged for long years in series of wooden barrels according to the ancient family art of “travaso” and “rincalzo”.

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Ingredient: cooked grape must
Colour: intense dark brown colour.
Perfume: intense and delicate, deep persistent and clean.
Taste: Syrupy consistency, full and wide body. High and well balanced acidity, with prolonged, intense and deep notes. The final sensation is of persistent intensity, rich in flavour and clean.

In the kitchen

Pure, to finish your dishes: just some drops before serving. On cheeses, omelette, vegetables and savoury tarts.


Peso bottiglia singola: 0,29 kg ca
N. bottiglie per cartone: 16
Peso Cartone: 4,8 kg ca
Dimensione indicativa cartone in cm (LxPxH): 36 x 19,5 x 28,5
N. cartoni per piano pallet 1200×800: 12